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       Since 1976, Jere V. Horwitz & Associates, Inc. has brought real world experience in solving business operation and information technology problems for our clients throughout the United States. We understand the issues management faces every day. From eliminating order flow and fulfillment delays for small distributors to designing automated accounting systems with integrated management data warehouses for Fortune 500 manufacturers; we know how to approach, analyze, and solve problems.

When Horwitz & Associates defines a solution, we stand behind it. We go beyond telling you what you should do. We will do it for you. As your consultant, any solution we recommend to you, we stand ready to implement for you.

Need help with strategic planning, internal or external communications, information technology, work flow design and implementation, or operational efficiency? We can help in all these areas and more. We didnít start as consultants. Our background is business operations. We created systems for our own businesses. We will do it for yours.

Need help NOW? Call Jere Horwitz at 317-815-3900, today.

Jere V. Horwitz & Associates, Inc.
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