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       Our expertise in designing and implementing integrated business solutions began in 1971 when Jere V. Horwitz saw the need to computerize his own wholesale distribution and route accounting businesses. Unable to find a firm capable of translating his business goals into an effective, modern system, Mr. Horwitz designed and installed the software systems himself while creating new work flow procedures to support the change in technology.

The ability to understand the business goals of our clients, design realistic solutions to their problems, and translate the design into a cost-effective implementation plan to meet those goals has been the guiding principle of Jere V. Horwitz & Associates since the organization's first day in 1976. Today, we are serving clients with a full range of business consulting, software services, hardware products, and system support. Our own staff of system analysts, support personnel, programmers, and process specialists make sure that we do all that is possible to assist our clients in reaching their objectives.

Jere V. Horwitz & Associates, Inc.
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