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       Are you ready to bring your iSeries / AS400 applications into today's world? By replacing legacy green screen code with browser based applications, you can use the exact same database tables and the exact same business logic. You can still interface in the same way to your legacy batch processing, allowing your browser users the same access to other resources like printers, and you can support dozens and dozens of additional users with no additional hardware resources and no additional seat license fees. There is NO third party software to license. Use what came free with your system.

We can do it for you or we can show you how and you can do it yourself. We can even provide real life sample programs to follow. We're not talking about putting "Hello world!" on a web page. We're talking about samples that really do things that a business does everyday.

Every feature you have in your applications' green screens can be done in a browser and a lot more. This is NOT screen scraping or some kind of overlay translation appliciation, and it is not Web Sphere. We are talking about true browser based applications using ILERPG.

You can provide internal users, external users, and other information stakeholders secure access to current application information that reduces costs, enhances service, and increases profits.

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