IBM iSeries AS400 Systems

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       With 40 years experience in creating and supporting user applications on the IBM family of mid-range, multi-user systems, Horwitz & Associates is the leader in providing the right IBM iSeries environment for complete, secure, state of the art data processing. When growth demands moving beyond a PC network solution to a true data processing solution with low support costs, high availability, data integrity, fast access and manipulation of large databases, and secure access and control for both internal and external users; we have the knowledge and experience to build a total iSeries information system. Our customers never have to change their business to match our computer system. Our clients use the computer system as a competitive edge; not just an accounting tool. Jere V. Horwitz & Associates, Inc., has complete software packages that use the latest technologies for multiuser, on-line information systems. Our application team includes analysts, programmers, and technical support personnel who provide a totally customized environment for each client. All applications, either packaged or custom written, are well documented, menu driven, and have complete source code. Operator instructions, built-in processing controls, and recovery procedures are part of every system. Whether the interface is a web browser, a hand-held, or a traditional terminal; our iSeries applications provide an integrated, secure environment while keeping the possession of the most important business asset, information, with the owner, our client.

Our IBM System i cross application offerings include:
  • Field encryption
  • Document Scanning and retrieval
  • Report segmentation and distribution
  • Secure data communication
  • Tablet Data Collection
  • Bar Code / Radio Frequency Systems

  • Our IBM System i applications include:
  • Distribution, Order Fullfillment, and Warehousing
  • Process, Formula, and Custom Manufacturing
  • Job Shop Control
  • Service and Repair Management
  • Commercial Rental System
  • Fleet Management
  • Financial Accounting
  • Complex Data Cube Analysis


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