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       Every business faces a wide array of choices in Information Technology, whether a new enterprise just establishing its first system, a small business with a few users sharing information, or a large concern with dozens of applications and users in multiple locations.

There are choices in infrastructure - A local client-server, a cloud based service, or a centralized processor approach. There are choices in software - Software as service, packaged applications, or custom written systems. There are choices in support - In house personnel, outside contractors on site, or remote services.

For every Information Technology need there are multiple options, each interacting with and affecting other systems and the framework that business continues to depend on for daily operations. Each choice both sets limitations on the business structure and also sets parameters for other system choices and the flexibility for business operations. Horwitz & Associates has the years of experience in evaluating all aspects of Information Technology from a single application solution to complete and complex Management Information Systems.

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