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       If Cloud Computing has a place in your future, picking the right cloud makes all the difference. It's your business, it's your data, it's your future. Trust your most important asset, your information, to the wrong cloud and you better be ready for the storm.

With 37 years experience creating business software that works, is secure, and meets our clients custom needs; we are ready and able to discuss the reality of cloud applications and cloud computing with you. Unlike a typical "one size fits all" remote processing solution, we provide cloud based computing that is customized to your exact needs. You don't do business exactly like your competition, why not make your better ideas part of your information system? We customize cloud applications to the way you do business. We run them, we protect your data, and we support you. Nothing goes off-shore; nothing leaves our control; we never forget its your data; and you know the people in control. We protect your data like it's our own, but it's always available to you if you want to change platforms.

Call us today for an absolutely free consultation regarding cloud computing for your business. No one offers the kind of custom approach to the cloud that we do. Experience counts. We remember when the "cloud" was named the "service bureau". Is it right for you? Maybe. Let's discuss it.

Our cloud solutions are complete. Applications, training, data management, live support, and integration to legacy platforms are all parts of our total solution. Cloud billing, receivables control, job accounting, purchasing, inventory management, field prduction, time entry. It's all possible. Sometimes the cloud is the right approach; sometimes it is not. We'll tell you. Our focus is our clients. Our growth is based on repeat assignments from satisfied customers.


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